SG Concept

Many of us are in the love-hate relationship with a pair of sunglasses ---They are one of the must-haves for any outdoorsy who wishes to stay intact from the hazards of ultraviolet light and sun glare and remain stylish; Yet, our vision will most likely turn black whenever we go indoors with sunglasses put on. To restore our normal vision, we must bear the necessary hassle of putting off our sunglasses or even the need of putting on our normal glasses again.

Good news is that, a series of photochromic glasses have been put up for sale in the market in recent years. With the UV-reactive material incorporated in their production, what it appears a pair of normal glasses can now be transformed as a pair of sunglasses so that the clarity of your vision is retained despite the change of the external environment. 

Up to now, the photochromic lenses on the market generally react with the intensity of UV light, where the decoloring effect would fall behind the darkening of the real environment in terms of speed. Whereas, the UV-resistant windshields which are installed on most of the cars somehow impair the functionality of the lenses. The dazzling sunlight cannot be effectively blocked in a timely manner as the lenses fail to turn dark as you stay inside the car.


Meanwhile, the conventional sunglasses work quite well under strong sunlight---except when you are wearing them moving from sunny areas to indoor or shady areas: Your vision would turn dark and objects become unidentifiable as the human lenses are still taking time to adjust to the new light intensity. Such a lingering vision can be a danger for any drivers going into the tunnels or car parks. They can only resort to switching to the normal glasses in the course of driving. Inconvenience aside, their life is put on bet too. 

The “Shutter”, a pair of refined photochromic sunglassesThe Shutter Sunglasses  invented by Shutoo Gavazzi then, has become a timely solution in this regard. Manufactured using the “Shutter Photochromic” technology, the extra light sensitive electronic board situated at the front of the sunglasses can finely detect any change of light intensity from the surroundings, giving instant protection to your eyes with its swift color-tuning completing in less than 0.5 second. 

Some of the similar models available on the market, with limited support of lens suppliers, the style of which can hardly stay in trend, coupled with the less-than-optimal discoloring effect. The lack of power saving technology alongside also makes long time use hardly an option without charging from time to time. The Shutter, in contrast, with its super power saving technology, boast its life of as long as three years without charging, now available in multiple styles. In addition to its impressive instant decoloring effect, The Shutter is proud to bring the unprecedented convenience to our speckies which is beyond compare among other brands.

How fast can less than one second be? Well, it can be somewhere between raising your hand and trying to block the strong light from penetrating your eyes with the back of your hand. With The Shutter’s seamless decolorization, your eyes are protected and your vision is safeguarded under different shades of light: outdoorphins sustain.