About Us

Shutoo Gavazzi, a Hong Kong company committed to improving the quality of sunglasses with its technology niche, is eager to introduce its the ground-breaking “Shutter photochromism” technology from Switzerland to the eyewear market, bringing hopes and surprises to our speckies.  

“Shutter Photochromism” is a state-of-the-art technology which allows the lens to “turns black when met with light; decolors when the light is absent”, a culmination of 5 years of research coordinated among the experts across Switzerland, Hong Kong and the mainland China. In the year of 2017, we have successfully invented a piece of shutter photochromic glass named as “Shutter Glass”, which is adopted in the production of our innovative Shutter Photochromic Sunglasses. 

We understand the importance of quality assurance to our customers.  Our products have been certified by Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited (天祥公證行有限公司), one of the most prestigious, world-class notaries, in the basic testing of the sunglasses, and have attained two technology patents in the mainland China. We are also in the progress of the patent application with the relevant bodies in the United States and the Europe for our products. 

In the future, we anticipate more collaborations with different eyewear companies and brands, bringing new models of sunglasses to our customers, with our domestic lens production line tailor making lens in diverse styles and shapes to suit the needs of different groups of our targeted customers. We value the feedbacks from our customers and strive to improve the quality of our products using our groundbreaking technology. We are delighted to see our innovation to be appreciated and recognized by our customers worldwide in the coming days.